Financial Inclusion



Financial inclusion of community initiatives by SAFE is largely supported by NABARD, and through various alternative livelihood projects, financial inclusion of economically backward community members, is a mandate and has demonstrated that cumulative credit linkage efforts can deliver significant results. This has helped farmer clubs, joint liability groups, Self help groups mature and become an institutional platform for the poor enabling them to organize their efforts. They have improved access to finance from banks and enhance their existing livelihoods.

It all starts with social mobilization - community members have become members of self-help groups (SHGs), farmers clubs, have been further developed into registered federations. Social mobilization has been accompanied with focused efforts to improve their livelihood. The financial capacity of community institutions has been built by helping them manage their own finances, and by providing financial awareness services and education. In addition, the project staff has worked with communities to build a micro-credit and a livelihoods plan.

Simultaneously, partnerships with financial institutions are facilitated so that these community groups can improve their responsiveness and encourage further poor households, towards credit linkage.

SAFE received Community Development Award from NABARD, in year 2015 from NABARD.