Disaster Preparedness



GLOF : SAFE has worked extensively on Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) in eastern Himalayas and has developed an impact assessment study report on GLOF in this fragile Himalayan ecology. The same has been awarded the International Kasumiguara Award 2004 from the International Lake Environment Committee of Japan. The same has been deliberated in USAID Asia-Pacific Regional Adaptation Assessment in year 2010, as available in here, and also has been published here

Forest Fire : SAFE is working with International Center for Integrated Mountain Research (ICIMOD), Nepal in the 'SERVIR Himalaya Program' of NASA and USAID, wherein SAFE team is working on Community Based Interventions of Forest Fire Mitigation using geospatial science tools. The program encompasses 28 districts of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan (East).

Coastal Cyclone : SAFE has been in 'ground-zero' during cyclone Aila in Sundarbans and has extended three tier disaster mitigation support to the climate victims. SAFE has extended immediate intensive medical facilities and reported the first health assessment report post cyclone Aila, published in Times of India, SAFE started massive campaign in nine islands of Gosaba block in Sunderbans that was worst hit in 'Aila', for soil engineering and rainwater harvesting to restore the salinity infested farmlands, and SAFE started the in-situ conservation of local salt resistant varieties of rice as a mode of disaster preparedness using Traditional Ecological Knowledge.