Current Projects


The present intervention aims at building capacities in Hydroponic float farming technology and aquaculture for the marginal indigenous communities of Majuli, the largest inhabited River Island, in Assam, India. This is an innovation to support climate resilient agriculture in flood prone Majuli, and build the mitigating capacity of the local farmers community in the region.





The present intervention aims at building community water banks through rain water harvesting in Para and Raghunathpur, two drought prone blocks of Purulia district. These water banks provide water for alternative farming initiatives, revenue return and financial inclusion in the area making this intervention both climate resilient and climate mitigating.



The present intervention aims to provide clean drinking water and proper sanitation facility to the poorest of the poor using solar energy solutions, pre-fabricated modular bio-sanitation units attached with bio-digester operating with beneficial aerobic microbes to ensure odourless near zero effluent which can also be used as an organic manure, the bio-gas emitted from human waste can be used for community cooking purpose.




The present intervention aims to Reduce landfill emission and create platform for eco-friendly approaches in managing waste and Create dignified livelihood for the rag pickers, especially women by transforming the municipal solid waste management system to a climate adaptive micro-enterprise for the urban poor.