Conference & Climate Advocacy

Conferences & Climate Advocacy


Every year SAFE organizes series of symposiums, conferences and workshops integrating experts from all sectors, and brings eminent professionals, Scientists, Researches, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, policy-makers and community representatives in same platform. There are knowledge exchange programs with participation of students, professionals across the globe to participate and share their research advancements, new technologies, innovations and experiences.

Conferences, symposiums provides an integrated, quantitative and interdisciplinary approach to pertinent issues and provides enhanced insight to resolve the problems of environment and areas associated with it for sustainability. To explore the issues, innovations and integrated approaches towards environmental sustainability, SAFE in collaborative partnership with government, international agencies, academic institutes organizes workshops, seminars, conferences on Climate Change, Wetlands conservation, climate smart cities, renewable energy for poverty alleviation, municipal waste management, agricultural waste management, forest fire, gender-climate and special events for students with on-field exposures.

SAFE as observer organization with UNFCCC, participates in the meeting of the UNFCCC Parties (Conference of the parties, COP) to assess progress in delaing with climate change and beginning in the mid-1990s, to negotiate the Kyoto Protocol to establish legally binding obligations for developed countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

SAFE actively participates in GEF Network Conferences, and other prominent international conferences and workshops.