About SAFE



South Asian Forum for Environment, SAFE is a registered civil society organization working at science-society interface towards sustainable environment development and poverty alleviation in the Indian ecoregion of South Asia since 2004.

SAFE was started to achieve sustainable environment development goals for poverty alleviation through empowerment, equity and reciprocity in the milieu of climate change in Indian ecoregion. It envisages global reciprocal partnership and participatory policy frame for 'Biorights' of commons to promote wise use of natural resources through community governance and inclusive growth for sustainable development. SAFE aims to address environmental issues especially with reference to water energy and food security through community based conservation initiatives for which it conducts action research at science-society interface for SDGs assuring alternative livelihood through risk spreading and coverage. It also aims to inculcate awareness and community preparedness for disaster mitigation and adaptive strategies for resilience to climate change among all stakeholders and as well to impart environmental education enhance capacity building for innovation and green technology cooperation in rural sector and encourage environmental stewardship for health & sanitation for the poor.

SAFE is nationally accredited in India by MoEF & CC, It is also a major stakeholder in the UN Environment Assembly and enjoys consultative status with ECOSOC, UNEP, UNDP, UNFCCC, UNCCCD, CANSA and GEF-CSO council of World Bank and Gender CC. SAFE envisages achieving Sustainable Development Goals through community based climate adaptive interventions.