SRI: Systematic Rice Intensification, SARP: System of Assured Rice Production

Started by SAFE in year 2010, with support from NABARD, Agriculture Dept.Govt.of WB

Location:Purulia, West Bengal

Objectives:The main objectives of the program are:

1. To introduce SARP technology for regular usage in the target area through training and demonstration workshops and assess its impact on yield of rice.
2. To build the capacities of farmers clubs in target area so as to modifying as well as introduce alternative agricultural methods for rice cultivation.
3. Mainstreaming poor farmers through social inclusion, capacity building and technology cooperation.
4. To serve as knowledge center for farmers on SARP related issues information.

Target groups:Farmers of Purulia

Brief background SRI & SARP:
Improvement in agricultural technology is the principal means of improving the efficiency of agricultural production, the key to pro-poor economic growth.In Purulia SAFE has provided wide extension services for Farmer's Clubs activities are sustained and has worked in continuous partnership with the local district agricultural and administrative bodies.The "System of Assured Rice Production" or SARP a technology, have been promoted by the department of agriculture for the cultivation of "Aman" rice.This technology helps to tackle the severe dependence on rainfall.This region has been prone to droughts for centuries and SARP technology is a way of adapting to this situation which has not been adequately explored and researched upon as a structured practice.

Economic constraints and social stress arising from the impacts of climate vulnerability worsens with the scarcity of food, forcing farmers from the region to migrate and become environmental refugees.
Their social security, food and economic sustainability are the key issues that this project seeks to address.The target areas are rendered uncultivable and in the absence of disaster adaptive farming techniques it turns propping up poverty.  This region has been prone to droughts for centuries and SARP technology is a way of adapting to this situation which has not been adequately explored and researched upon for a structured practice. SARP technology for rice harvest can pave the path for a new horizon in the field of agriculture. The ongoing project innovation aims to transfer SARP technology through Farmers Clubs, to 15000 more farmers in Purulia district.

South Asian Forum for Environment has been successfully implementing various pro poor agricultural technological interventions through organized farmers clubs. One important goal for SAFE is the development of strong farmer organizations, but these needs to be sustained and should not simply be a response to short-term project objectives. It may be argued that too much emphasis has often been given to the mere formation of local organizations and not enough to linking those to external agencies and other services.

SAFE has developed technical experience and successfully undertaken several farmer's community development projects taking on technical responsibilities and has successfully carried out series of SRI training and SARP demonstrations with the farmers in Purulia.