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Gender equity and mainstreaming: SAFE has the mandate to ensure gender equity and mainstreaming in all interventions including capacity building and financial inclusions. SAFE is promoting women farmer's clubs, joint liability groups, self help groups, and women federations for entrepreneurial leadership and inclusive growth of women facing brunt of climate change every day.

SAFE is focused on nonconventional energy water sanitation and hygienecq5dam.web.540.390 in urban slums, integrated solid waste management, conservation of periurban wetlands for restoring its ecosystem services for the urban poor, developing entrepreneurial strategies for promoting vertical gardens to reduce 'Heat Island' effects etc. It tends to create win-win scenarios by promoting entrepreneurial enterprises with the marginal beneficiaries at the bottom of the economic pyramid through sustainable ecotourism, production and sale of customized micro-utility products from recycled waste and harvesting and processing of non-timber forest products for utility products. SAFE has successfully implemented a neo-economic conservation paradigm called 'Biorights' that compensates the opportunity costs incurred by the marginal poor in conservation efforts through PES or REDD plus initiatives.

Alternative livelihood opportunity
ResolveTrash2Cash program creates alternative livelihood throughpicture_141 sustainable practices are propounded by SAFE specially focusing on women in villages and urban slums for production and marketing of utility products from recycled solid wastes, sustainable harvest and marketing of non-timber forest products, organic manures and ecotourism, devoted for marginalized women, with this the program works on societal security of women rag pickers, healthcare, nutrition and child care and child education. Link, SAFE received UNFCCC Momentum for Change, Lighthouse Activity Award in year 2014 for ResolveTrash2Cash.

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