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“Creating win situations that builds scope for sustainable solutions for both environmental conservation and poverty alleviation”.

SAFE welcomes the partnership with corporate houses under Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, such partnership efforts has tremendous potential to make significant contribution to address issues such as poverty, growth inclusion, and environmental degradation. Millennium Development Goal, (MDG) ensures environmental sustainability, and developing global partnership for development. There are some important decisions has been undertaken by the government. The isolated efforts could not yield effective results in the grass roots. It actively encourages a participatory approach with representatives from the government, CSO’s and private enterprises to join hands and work towards a common goal of sustainable development. The environmental conservation can be achieved only through people participation. We invite greater partnership with your esteemed corporate houses to be a part of the mission in achieving the Environmental Sustainability.

Our partnership vision : “Creating win situations that builds scope for sustainable solutions for both environmental conservation and poverty alleviation”.


Developed through consultations with our present CSR partners SAFE has built a comprehensive framework to support for corporate houses and companies on an exclusive set of community based activities and interventions they can take as a part of their corporate social responsibility towards achieving the national targets for Sustainable Environment Development and Poverty Alleviation mission. “Sustainability is a better business we all know and business has a responsibility to value the ecosystem services and an opportunity as well to be a potent advocate of inclusive growth through welfare practices”.

CSR funding area:

Funding areas: Alternative livelihood projects for marginal poor, wetlands conservation, plantation program, integrated solid waste management, waste recycling,  water, sanitation and hygiene, renewable energy, forest conservation, disaster preparation, relief work, telemedicine, community  free health camps, etc along with funding supports for events like workshops, students field visits & exposure, conferences, symposiums etc.

Administrative Office

  •   P-32, Panchasayar ,
    Jadavpur Housing Cooperative Society
    Near Peerless Hospital (E.M.Bypass)
    Kolkata: 700094
  •   +91-033-24329699
  • safeinch@gmail.com

Registered Office

  •   B:43, Survey Park, Kolkata: 700075
    (Near Ajoynagar E.M Bypass)
  •   Amrita Chatterjee
  •   +91-98360-63759
  • amritasafe@gmail.com
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