Our Organizational Structure:

With the growing responsibilities, specialization of work force, skill building and organizational refurbishing becoming essential, our first tier of participatory management and reorientation was to reconfirm the organizational road map and ensure adequate resources for that journey to complete. A new entity from within was formed in SAFE called the START (SAFE Task Action Research Team) under the guidance of the governing body of SAFE, was built as an advisory unit responsible for policy framework and strategic direction. The main responsibility now shared by START team is to put into effect the deliberations and interventions of the organization within its policy framework. The key responsibilities include implementation of programme, developing a strong M&E system, defining SMART deliverables, documentation and communications, program management and planning, optimizing logistic supports in the field etc. Along with this it also helped the administration in HR and HCD, capacity building, recruitments and orientations etc. Multi-tasking has become evident for sustaining the development. Further to this, the portfolios for the Board of Directors have been made more specific in terms of responsibilities and functions to fine tune their role.
The newer view is as hereunder:

Director of Management is mainly responsible for overall management of the operations of Human Resources and Administrative department and indirectly oversees activities under projects and units. Department of Administration & Human Resource of SAFE are headed by Chief Administrative Officer and Sr. Admin Officer responsible for designing and developing administrative systems within the organization as well as involved in planning and decision making process. Administrative Officer Logistics and Administrative Officer Legal are the part of the Administration & Human Resource department.

Director of Communication is responsible for developing and implementing the innovative communication and media planning of the organization. Under her guidance Sr. Executive (Public Relations), Web Manager and Publication Manager are responsible for conceptualizing and organizing campaign activities and report generation for highlighting environmental issues of SAFE.

Director of Programme contributes to overall management, coordination and monitoring of various programs under the aegis of SAFE. He is also responsible for the effective administration and financial implementation of activities of related to project/program.
Sr. Executive (Community Development), Chief Programme Coordinator, Scientific Officer and Programme Supervisors are accountable to Programme Director.

Director of Finance contributes to the overall success of the organization by effectively managing all financial tasks for the organization. His responsibilities includes oversee budgeting, financial forecasting for existing programs & proposed new programmes, development of financial statements/reports, finance management as per the Financial and Accounting Policy of the organization. Under the guidance of Director of Finance, Chief Finance Officer manages the finance department with assistance from Sr. Accounts Officer and Accounts Officer.