The main objective of SAFE is to implement sustainable development initiatives at science-society interface and

  • Embark on environmental activities in climate prone ecosystems of global importance through community interventions, towards habitat restoration and biodiversity conservation
  • Promote climate-smart agro-farming practices for smallholder farmers to pledge less water and low chemical intensive sustainable production.
  • Conduct research at science-society interface for assuring ‘Change Management’ through creation of alternative livelihood
  • Inculcate awareness and community preparedness for disaster mitigation and adaptive strategies for resilience to climate change amongst all stakeholders.
  • Impart environmental education through publications and review of environmental laws, policy, planning and negotiations.
  • Enhance capacity building for innovation and green technology transfer in rural sector and encourage environmental stewardship for health & sanitation.
  • Build strategic communication framework using digital technologies including alternative media as means of facilitating climate change risk adaptations.